A group of speech and language students at DeMontfort University in Leicester:-

- “Shane you are incredibly motivational, inspirational and funny.  Thank you for the insight.  Congratulations on your amazing recovery.”

- “A fantastic presentation.  Thank you for sharing your story!  It sounds incredibly inspiring and reminds me why I’m excited to start speech and language therapy as a career.  Onwards and upwards.”

- “Shane’s story was very inspirational to listen to…also it was helpful to see that expectations can be surpassed and how holistic Shane’s therapy was and that helped him.”

- “Really enjoyable and light.  Had a nice flow to the presentation.  Thanks for sharing.”

- “Really enjoyable, well-structured and well-delivered presentation.  Thank you for sharing your story with us.”

- “A very motivational talk.  Thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your life and journey.  Your qualities of determination and pushing boundaries are inspiring.  Keep on journeying upwards.”