During August of 2009, my life as it was ended paving the way for a new life to begin.  My best friend, and now best man Simon and I went on our annual motorbike trip to Germany, down to the Nurburgring. On the 5th August we were on the B500 also known as the romantic road, when we must have simultaneously thought to ourselves, because the road was so good and so twisty, lots of knee down action, lets ride that same stretch of road again. So we pulled over, had a chat about it and arrived at the very same decision, to turn back and ride that exact same stretch of road again. Well that split second decision turned out to be, probably the best decision and the worse decision that I've ever made.

Let me explain....!, it was the best decision because, it was the reason that I met and married my wonderful wife Yvette. It was the worse decision because, it's the reason that I was knocked off my motorbike, and left fighting for my life with several broken limbs and a traumatic brain injury. In fact, its been reported to me that a police officer who attended the scene of my accident, had said that my accident was the worse that he'd ever seen, where the victim had received so many life threatening injuries and actually survived.