Quite often the choices and the decisions that we make along with the things that we do, they can affect how we are and how we live for the rest of our lives. Prior to a motorbike accident that I had during August 2009, I had been an incredibly successful athlete and was quite special on a motorbike, despite being knocked off. I was also a very successful businessman, having been a sales director with IBM, prior to that I was the sales director for a company called Telelogic. IBM acquired Telelogic so I kept my position. In fact, I'd been in sales since my early twenties, when I was a shop floor assistant at Harry Hall Cycles in Manchester, before I got into field sales for various different companies.

In sport, I'd represented Calderdale County swimming, ran the London Marathon recording a time of 3:38:21 along with countless 10k, half marathon and cross county running events. I also represented Manchester Cycling before making the GB team. I then found myself getting heavily into motorbikes, when I used to do club racing for North Gloucester before I was almost killed at a place called Baden-Baden in my accident in Germany. My accident left me fighting for my life, with several broken limbs and a brain injury. My accident also left me disabled, unable to walk unaided, unable to drive and reliant on others to do most things, my speech was left pretty shocking too.  

During a career that spanned across some 16 years, I'd delivered in excess of a thousand presentations to all manor of different audiences large and small. Thankfully for me, my speech and my mobility has recovered such that I'm now embarking on my public speaking journey.