Received from Happy Futures CEO: -

Truly and exceptional man, Shane Booth had everyone in the room hanging onto his every word during a recent presentation at the Happy Futures Skills Centre. Inspiring, positive and funny, Shane’s talk will stay with us all for a long time.

Received from Happy Futures guest: -

Hi I attended your talk at Happy Futures last week and wanted to just say what a pleasure to hear your story ..very inspirational and emotional. You have come so far and still believe you have so much to give. Wishing you everything you wish for yourself.

Received from Strevie Kidd from Peak Fitness: -

Today I witnessed something very special in Happy Futures Support Specialists Ltd Angela Fletcher wanted to inspire and arranged to bring Shane Booth to the centre today to deliver two presentations to the HF people , suppliers and customers of happy future .... Shane story is a truly remarkable inspiring story and brought many tears to a room today .. I will remember today for a very long time , if you want to bring a speaker into your business that will create huge transformation and impact I highly recommend Shane Booth ... I stated to Shane today , we keep talking so we build up a relationship as I do see you presenting on a reach your peak event in the future Angela Fletcher be proud as today was a very special day in so many ways ..