The harsh reality

Ever since I knew what had actually happened to me, so probably early in the year 2012. I'd been sadly disillusioned, believing that I'd somehow make a miraculous recovery and walk unaided again. I even said to my physiotherapist that I'd run the London Marathon again. I'm not saying that I will, equally I'm not saying that I won't. However, the harsh reality is, one would automatically assume that after almost nine years of trying I'd be considerably closer than I am currently.

If anybody would have said to me all those years ago, that I'd one day wind up disabled, I'd have  probably thought that they had taken leave of there senses. I've even test rode a new electric wheelchair. I did this for a number of reasons really. Those being, I can walk independently with my walking stick. However, I am incredibly slow and I'm not always very stable and am still prone to the odd fall. In having the electric wheelchair, it will further enhance my independence,  and it will mean that Yvette and I can actually go places side by side like any normal couple.