My Injuries

•Fracture to head of the right humorous;
•Rupture to liver;
•Rupture to spleen;
•Fractured sternum;
•Fractured ribs;
•Fracture to lumber vertebrae;
•Fracture to pelvic girdle;
•Fracture to sacrum;
•Fracture to right femur;
•Defuse axonal brain injury;
•Right elbow was reconstructed;
•Right shoulder was reconstructed;
•Peg fed until January 2010;
•First spoke in February 2010;
•Only single words;

It was reported to my family, by a police officer who’d attended the scene of my accident. That my accident along with the injuries that I incurred, were the worst that he’d ever seen where the victim in this case me, had actually survived…..!