Living with a traumatic brain injury

Imagine what its like, one minute your fighting fit and healthy with not a care in the world. Then your involved in a serious accident, in my case a life threatening motorbike accident. Everything and everybody that you'd known, you can no longer remember who they are or there significance. You can't physically move, other than to wiggle your thumb. To go anywhere you have to be hoisted out of bed, either to another bed or to a wheelchair. To go to the bathroom you physically have to ask for assistance. Everything that you had once taken for granted, like making yourself a drink or some lunch, or even your personal care, is rudely taken away from you, and you wind up reliant on others to do most things.

I must have an ordinate amount of willpower and determination because, I'm now 100% self sufficient in most of these activities, meaning that I have quite an inspirational story to tell.