Living the dream

For many years, I guess you could say that I’d been living the dream. I had an amazing job as a Sales Director for IBM, and I was paid rather handsomely.  I’d been an incredibly successful athlete, having cycled for Great Britian, swam for Calderdale County, I ran the London Marathon recording a time of 3:38:21. I was also pretty impressive on a motorbike too.

So to be reduced to, not being able to anything for myself for years, was a bit of a culture shock. I was discharged from rehab in the latter part of 2011 to begin the extremely long process of trying to rebuild my life. It wasn’t until I was found to have the capacity to terminate the employment of my management company, until my recovery really began, significantly helped by my sweetheart wife.

I used to think that miracles can’t possibly happen but, then I look at my own story and think otherwise. It’s almost like I’m starting to live the dream again. I’m building a new and much better life, beginning my public speaking journey,  happy days…!