Kicking and Screaming

Last summer, I think that it was early in September, I went on holiday to Cyprus with my wife and family. We also took one of my support workers to alleviate some of the pressure on Yvette. You would assume that because, it was our first actual family holiday, I'd be full of the joys of summer.

Well on day one, I started on arriving at Birmingham airport. I first of all wasn't particularly happy about having to use my wheelchair to get around, so I kicked off and had a childish tantrum, despite knowing how unstable and slow I can be, and needing support most of the time when I walk. Then to add insult to injury, we'd got through the airport to board the plane, and then I rather naively assumed that I'd handover my wheelchair, and walk onto the plane having negotiated the stairs to board the plane. Needless to say, I kicked of and lost my temper again when it was suggested to me that I had to use airport assist to board the plane, or I'm embarrassed to say that, in a rage of anger I called it the spacka bus. Anyway, we did finally make it to Cyprus and after a few days of lounging around by the pool we decided to head to a local beech. I was able to walk down to the beech from where we parked, walk across the beach to find a suitable seating area. I even managed to walk down to the waters edge and climb onto a Peddlow that was bobbing around in the water. I did loose my temper on a number of occasions because, I hate being disabled and I really hate needing to rely on people for help.

You'd automatically assume that after a beautiful holiday, you'd think that I'd be happy to rely on any aides and support just to get home. I kicked of again in Cyprus airport because, I needed to use my wheelchair. In fact I hit the arm of the wheelchair so hard that it broke the chair, lucky we were on the way home. Yvette did say to me that Cyprus was the first and last holiday that she's ever going on with me.....!